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I work with a diverse group of patients from all over the world. Patients consult me for a wide range of health concerns, and my specialty is working with stress related issues including, insomnia, mood, energy, and digestive problems.

 Gillian Martlew, ND

I have 40 years of clinical experience and hold a State License in Naturopathic Medicine.​

Research and writing are important aspects of my work. I have authored seven books on health, which are translated and published worldwide, and I have written health articles for numerous magazines including Cosmopolitan and Elle.

In addition to my practice and writing, I have lectured extensively in the USA and the UK, lecturing to the medical community and the public, appearing on national television and radio, and running a natural therapy phone-in on the BBC.

I maintain an ongoing educational schedule, (state licensing board approved courses, clinical research seminars, educational trainings etc) continually learning new skills, and fine-tuning the most effective and efficient ways to provide the best possible care for each patient.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a healthcare practice that provides drugless treatment for a broad spectrum of health concerns. Its primary focus is to find the cause of a disease, bring the body into balance, and support its ability to heal. 

The therapies used by a naturopath can include therapeutic nutrition, physical medicine, stress and psychological management, homeopathy, botanical medicine, and numerous other natural modalities. The patient is treated as a whole, not as a list of symptoms. 

'One of the main differences between Naturopathic and orthodox/allopathic medicine is the time taken with each patient. Naturopathic appointments may take from 1-2 hours to enable a complete history, non invasive tests and an “overall picture of the patient” to be taken. This thoroughness is the key to determining the right treatment for each person as an individual.

Naturopaths are not opposed to medication or surgery, and where appropriate, will either work in conjunction with prescription drug regimes, medical doctors, or surgeons, or make referrals for such treatment. Naturopathic doctors refer to a wide range of other health practitioners including physician specialists and other conventional and alternative providers.

Top Ten Reasons to Consult a Naturopath

It's part of your healthy life-style.
You are taking a lot of supplements, but aren't sure if they are right for you.
You want advice from a specialist who is well trained in natural therapies.
You want to make an informed decision about your health.
You want a natural health program designed for you.
You are confused by contradictory health claims.
You have vague complaints but aren't sick enough to see a medical doctor or use medication..
You are concerned about the long-term side effects of medications.
You have an uncommon health problem that has many specialists baffled.
The medication you are taking causes side effects that are worse than the original problem.


Dear Gillian,


Thank you for your kindness and compassion.


I came to you distressed about my health, my hormones were out of whack, I was weepy, EXTREMELY CRANKY, craving sugar, trying to lose weight, having a hard time sleeping, and just overall STRESSED OUT. 


Within 2 months of meeting with you and following your suggestions, I am sleeping much better, I DON’T crave sweets anymore, I'm off caffeine, I have lots of energy, and my whole well-being and demeanor is so much better. I can hardly wait to see what other good things are in store for me. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.” 



—  D O

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