The Medicine Chest

The Medicine Chest is a practical reference book containing vital information about prescription medicines.


In easy–to–follow style it looks behind those baffling drug names and tells you what your medicine does and what possible side-effects there may be — information which you have a right to know, but which can be frustratingly difficult to obtain.


But what makes this book uniquely helpful is the inclusion of practical natural remedies to help many common side-effects and ailments, and information on the interaction of drugs with foods, vitamins and minerals — which ones should or should not be taken with particular medicines.


The Medicine Chest is a vital guide to medicines, health and nutrition. It enables you to ask your doctor or pharmacist important relevant questions about your treatment, and to become a real partner in the healing process — to help you not just get better but to really get well.

The Green Home Handbook

Hundreds of hidden pollutants surround us in our everyday lives, in carpets, electrical equipment, DIY products, plastics, aerosols, gardening products, synthetic fabrics, bedding, talcum, solvents and thousands more common household items. Most people aren’t aware they are there, but these pollutants have been shown to be responsible for symptoms like lethargy, headaches, irritability, sore throats, dizziness and depression, sometimes culminating in “Sick Building Syndrome” or “Environmental Illness”.

We can’t eliminate these chemicals, but we can avoid them if we know what the pollutants are and where they are coming from. This book gives you that information. It also tells you what safer alternatives you can use and how you can detoxify your body and build up a healthy resistance.

Full of information not readily available to the consumer, The Green Home Handbook is an accessible, thorough guide for those of us who are as concerned about our own health as the planet’s.

The Pill Protection Plan

Since it was first sold in the 1960’s, the contraceptive pill has allowed millions of women all over the world to enjoy sex without having to worry about becoming pregnant. Over the years, the Pill has helped change the way we think about our sexuality, our lifestyles and our careers.

The Pill is now prescribed to over 150 million worldwide. There has been an enormous amount of research into its effects, and into its advantages and disadvantages, but this research can be confusing and is often contradictory. What is the truth about the Pill? How does it work? How effective is it? What are the likely side-effects? What can I do about them?

This is the first user’s guide to the Pill, and whether you are taking it already, or are still thinking about it, you will find everything you need to know about oral contraceptives, how they work, and their impact on your health. It advises on which vitamin and mineral supplements you should be taking, and some that you shouldn’t, gives information on how to plan nutrition to ensure the best of health, and lists the side-effects of the Pill, both common and rare, along with conventional and complementary ways of dealing with them. This is a complete guide to help you make the most of the Pill and to enjoy healthy and happy sex.

Electrolytes The Spark of Life

Acknowledging and further expanding upon the work of "great trailblazers" in trace-mineral (electrolyte) research, author/Naturopath, Gillian Martlew has given the soil remineralization movement, and the world, a valuable synthesis of research and evidence proving further the universal requirement for health: a balance of all essential minerals in soil and cell!

Stay Well in Winter

You won’t have to hibernate to avoid the flu epidemics and winter blues if you follow the strategies in Stay well in Winter for weathering the cold season:

  • strengthen your immune power

  • make your home winter-proof

  • unlock the secrets of food power

  • combat indoor pollution

  • exercise indoors and out

  • use light and color as ‘mood medicine’

  • protect your skin and hair and keep them looking good

  • find out whether your medicine is making you colder or more vulnerable to infection


There are also natural home remedies to minimize the misery if you do succumb, and details of the special needs of those who are particularly vulnerable, including vegetarians, the young and the elderly.

Gillian Martlew, a naturopath, and Shelley Silver, whose speciality is the biological sciences, have combined their specialist knowledge in this invaluable self-help winter protection plan, to help you make the most of the cold season.