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A Different Kind of Care


Naturopathy combines the best natural, non-toxic therapies with modern clinical knowledge. I use unique combinations of natural therapies for each patient, including functional medicine testing (see below), clinical nutrition, enzymes, herbal and homeopathic remedies EFT and hydrotherapy. I take the time to listen, and work with you to discover the underlying cause of your illness, and create a realistic program designed to allow your body to heal and keep you at your optimum health for life.


My patients have access to the latest testing methods including labs for all aspects of digestive issues including SIBO and parasites. heavy metals, food sensitivities, neurochemical imbalances, immune disorders, hormone mapping, and glandular testing, mycotoxin and environmental pollutants, organic acids and many more.  



Iridology is the analysis of the iris of the eye. I use Iridology in the Comprehensive and follow-up appointments. It is a valuable technique, which assists me in evaluating the underlying causes of health problems and disease. It allows me to ascertain the genetic strengths and weaknesses of the body. It provides information about the condition of organs and body systems and can reveal early warnings of health challenges. Iridology is used by many European medical doctors as an aid to diagnosis. 

My foundational training in this technique was with world-renowned expert and developer of Iridology in the United States, Dr. Bernard Jensen. I also incorporate the European methods based on the research of Angerer, Deck and Kriege.

Many physical illnesses have an emotional element to them that may be keeping a patient stuck, or preventing their illness from being completely resolved. The damage to the body’s energy system caused by powerful negative emotions like fear, traumatic memories, phobias, anger and negative beliefs, can impact health and contribute to physical discomfort and disease.
EFT involves a number of techniques, including tapping on specific points along the body’s energy lines (acupuncture meridians). My approach is unique in that I also address neurochemical imbalance in conjunction with using EFT.
The following list is an example of some of the issues that will respond to EFT:

  • Fears, anxiety and stress 

  • Traumatic memories and phobias

  • Food cravings, compulsions, addictions, smoking, over-eating etc

  • Grief

  • Guilt 

  • Anger and irritation

  • Sleep problems

  • Negative self-image, self-sabotage, and self-doubt 

  • Weight issues 

  • Many forms of pain 

Note: EFT IS NOT a replacement for the expertise provided by a therapist. EFT should never be used in place of medical treatment.

“Dear Gillian, My initial reason for visiting you was a problem with very low energy and I came away with terrific energy and four other major health problems taken care of at the same time. I will never revert back to my old life-style and eating habits again because it is wonderful to wake up in the morning and feel good-for the first time in many years!”


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